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( CPRT ) Curative- Preventive- Retentive -Therapeutic known as "Hilot " Kung-Fu Yoga Massage Therapy

"Hilot" Kung Fu Massage and Yoga Therapy Massage

The Grand Master Angel L. Blancia
The creator of Miracle Healing Arts "HILOT" CURATIVE.
of the Philippines.

In order not to be expelled the origin arts of "Hilot" Grand Master Gloria G. Blancia developed and expertise secretly the effective art's of “ Hilot” similitude from his father GM Angel L. Blancia.

"Healing Art" known as "Hilot". Meaning, a nature art of ( PP ) "Pressure Points". In terms of massage by "touching and triking both are healing art majority in the whole system of the human body. Created by (GM Angel L. Blancia). Absolutely: Grand Master Angel Blancia cured much of people during the past decade. There are some clients until now are still alive most probably are old enough but still remain and impossible to forget their Maestro Angel L. Blancia. Mrs Helen Brown (Filipina American Founder Filipino American Library) got a problem about her posture. She is suffering "Kuba" as buktot. For sure; is one of the patient of "Grand Master Angel Blancia ". Believe it or not , she was cured thru massage technique.

He renowned the extreme power of Hilot .
He hailed much of people in the Philippines.
It was remarkable & honorable moments,
as well as his client amazed that.

Hilot in the nature arts of healing process
which included the aspect of physiological function
that serve protection against harm from disease.

* Known as “ Hilot “. A healing techniques was formerly originated from his late ancestor way back 18th century.
It is one of the first therapeutic massage exist in the Philippines before; a traditional healing existence in the 19th and attributed by GM Angel L. Blancia, as integral part of his Blancia family tradition being the 1st grandson as well as the first inheritor from his late ancestor.

* He proclaimed the martial arts included “ Hilot”. Hilot is a nature art of pressure points simplify by Grand Master Angel L. Blancia. A qualities of hands techniques thru touching and striking both are healing arts that can carry out of a natural way of healing process.

* Away of massage and thus, both science assist; in the development of the individual. It is a process of immediate “ First Aid Method “ according to GM. Angel L. Blancia. * He explored the word “ HILOT” as integral part of culture introduced by his late ancestor.

* A nature art of healing was known by Grand Master Angel L. Blancia since long timed ago.

* He renowned the extreme power of “ Hilot “. He hailed much of people in the Philippines. It was remarkable & honorable moments, as well as his client amazed that healing arts includes the aspect of physiological function that serve protection against harm from disease.

*Most of his patients most probably classified as a medical staff inquisitive about the nature art of healing process. Some, do Yoga training integrated as a part of their knowledge as Physician.

A miracle healing was endured by GM Angel L. Blancia. An integral part of culture that was not recognized by the “ DOT “ Department of Tourism in the Philippines at his timed.

Both “Kung - Fu & Yoga Therapy Massage” known as “ HILOT “. It's provide us the values of techniques by combining them as one. A traditional form of massage by applying the nature art of pressure points. In my father experienced is a marvellous education in my life for what i've learned from him. Miracle healing process that can be used anytime, anywhere, everywhere at all times.

As one of his daughter, i loved the way he hailed. Simple but miraculous & effectively. He cured the following symptom nor sickness in a natural way of healing process.

Totally, im so impressed what my father taught us. It was recorded inside my memory when im started to saw him in actual how to cured the people when i was five years old at that timed.

How ever “ Hilot” training is not only a months nor a matter of years. It has been along timed before you can be expertise the healing arts of techniques.

In order to become a “ Hilot “ massage therapist you should exposed in the deepest part of sickness that most probably impossible to cured.

You need thousands of test by making actual massage application in a person who suffered pain long time ago that even do his / her physician nothing to do about it (impossible to help them). As part of my experienced such more than a years from now. I believe the more sickness you cured the more knowledgeable you're.

In addition,” Hilot “ is not easy job. Is not a joke nor playing the health system of the human body.

A wrong practice can caused of damage as the result of dying.

A true “ Hilot “ known as “ Kung–Fu & Yoga Therapy Massage. It was proven in tested since 18th century until today.

(CPR - TMC) Curative, Preventive, Retentive Therapeutic Massage Clinic; applause to welcome you all. Knowned as Hilot Kung-Fu & Yoga Massage Therapy.

( CPRT ) Curative- Preventive- Retentive -Therapeutic known as "Hilot " Kung-Fu Yoga Massage Therapy

Curative - Preventive - Retentive - Therapeutic Known as Hilot Kung Fu & Yoga Massage Therapy. ( CPR,T ) Therapeutic are healing process which is deals with the study of human body, biological and social components (anatomy, physiology, sociology, psychology) and in addition it is a specialized form of ( physical therapy, skeletal, Motricity, Muscular, Mobility, Endurance, Neurological, Rehabilitation, vein problems and blood circulation, etc. ....)

It is;
Therapeutic, Curative, Preventive & Retentive

A) It is Therapeutic healing arts.
b) It is Curative protection harm from disease.
c) It is Preventive avoiding from sickness / disease.
d) It is Retentive maintain physically & mentally fit.

Gratitude for the wonderful blessing that i shared my knowledge in Hilot Kung-Fu & Yoga Massage Therapy. 100% it's really help a lot. It is curative, preventive , retentive therapeutic massage therapy.

A true Hilot relief the deepest sickness of a person.
Effectively in any manners of symptoms such as
illnesses classified as follow; minor and major part,
and now; resident to Sept-iles, P.Quebec in the Canada.

When it comes to chronic pain ( devastating condition), can lead to stress, depression and anxiety, there is (One particular approach), this alternative medicine therapies is (Hilot Kung Fu Yoga Therapy Massage Curative Preventive, Retentive and Therapeutic). Find a reputable practitioner Grand Master Gloria Blancia, helps people about their chronic pain.

It is the ability and capacity to cured such as;

Shell Shock, Dizzy, back pain, lower back pain, numbness, stiffness, slight dislocation, dislocation of the bones, ligaments and muscle tendon problem, poor energy of blood circulation, blockage in the flow circulation of the blood, bone snap, protruding of the bone, obvious deformities, tingling, pain as “ electric “, painful movement such as arms and / legs, back pain, muscle strain, muscle pain, cramps and so forth.

A true Hilot relief the deepest sickness of a person. Effectively in any manners of symptoms such as illnesses classified as follow; minor and major part of ;

Dislocation, Nerve Tension, Chronic Muscle Tension, Back-ache, Alleviates Stress, Alleviates Immune System, Rehabilitates Muscular & Joint Injuries, Chest Pain, Dis-order of the Blood Circulation, Muscle Strain, Difficulties in Breathing, Prevention Against Nerve Sciatic, Hernia, Prevention Against Paralysis, Prevention Against Osteoporosis, Prevention Against Parkinson's Disease.

It was proven as a human being we are subject to be sick in the following reason; This is and common that most of the time; we cannot avoid some circumstances that happen in our daily life. There are times that we got a minor rather a serious accident either among one of them.

A.) Major and Minor Accident B.) Common faults of catching C.) Too much Fat & Cholesterol D.) Lack of Sleep E.) Tiredness most often F.) Too much driving G.) Repetition movement H.) Too much exercises I.) Too much stretching J.) Common faults of movement K.) Common faults of walking L.) Common faults of posture M.) Common faults of bending N.) Common faults of jumping O.) Common faults of balance P.) Common faults of twisting Q.) Common faults of Kicking R.) Common faults of punching S.) Common faults of dancing T.) Conjugal fighting U.) Too much carrying heavy things V.) Sport Accident W.) Too much work X.) Too much setting down Y.) Too much standing Z.) Lack of exercises. .....scoliosis and many more.....

Fall / diving accident / crashes

From now and then; until today:

Hilot, is a way of life's. Physically, Mentally, Socially, Emotionally, Politically & Spiritually. Considering these six aspects, it can be said; the ability to live a health satisfying and useful life.

Video Hilot Kung Fu Yoga Massage Therapy Curative.

Real Story

Late Legendary Grand Master
Angel L. Blancia
from Iloilo City Philippines.

The Great National Hero

His mind power, strong conviction, confident with actual
experienced in his life especially during the world war the 2nd.

Grand Master Angel L. Blancia is TYPICAL FILIPINO is a World War II USAFFE Veteran Guerilla Fighter in combat operation against the Japanese invaders of the Philippines. He hailed from Culasi, Antique, Panay Island, Philippines a coastal town in the Northern part of the Province of Antique. After World War II he was stationed in USA San Francisco.

Everyone will be surprised if he really knows what his background way back 1927 until he succeed in second war 11 not only in the Phillippines but he also serve in other countries. His mission is a secret espionage. kill to kill if he is not lucky he will die anytime at that timed. Well, his capacity is not just a tournament by point system but reality between life and death.

Expertise to shared his knowledge about the martial arts in
the late 1959. In 1959 he restored the School of Martial Arts in the Philippines. In short rapidly globalize in different regions. Thousands of student had undergone training from Grand Master Angel L. Blancia. Succeed from his sons and daughters . It is indeed; that his two sons expertise the martial arts skilled as well as his four daughters taught by his father. He is the author and source to let his fellows human
beings known what martial is. A decade endeavors of Grand
Master Angel L. Blancia inherited from his descendant. It has
prevailed his clan system the following code which represent his
arts skilled. From his generation to generation and globalize in
the whole world, his arts skill was openly extended and it was
handly down to his sons and daughters. Were now entrusted
soley to her daughter Grand Master: Gloria G. Blancia. Fantastic
and remarkable task of Grand Master Angel L. Blancia remain us
always and forever never stop his heroic symbolism for what so
called the National Hero as well as Artist of the Philippines.

He stayed San Francisco California way back years 1947.
Accompanied by Diosdado Macapagal return the Philippines 1957.
He went back in the philippines December 1957, got married 1958.
He started teaching years 1930 and until years 1959 and during 1959 are officially restored the school of martial arts.
Never one attemp to fight the Grand Master Angel Blancia coz they are all understand impossible for them to defeat in person.

About his popularity, absolutely countless. In late 1959, no one else around the Philippines got a school of martial arts. It was the 1st in Bacolod Negros Island.

A Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia Years 1959, until his death, month of November( year 1988 ) succeed by his sons & daughters ; Diomedes 1965 -1984, Jann Philippides 1960-1992, Victoria G, Blancia 1968-1988. Succeeding by his daughter Gloria Blancia Thirnish until today. In 1959 / 75, we can remembered before. During their training session 80% among the students are older than GM Angel L. Blancia. It was noted that he got a students more than 50 / 60 years old & above.

While, ( Grand Master Angel L. Blancia ) is between 37 / 38 years old. He is strongest that ive ever seen. He got an extreme power for what so called " Kung-Fu Filipino Martial Arts". The marvelous arts of combat fighting and so forth.

Proclaiming the martial art and the Philippines is the major rule of Grand Master Angel Blancia. He proclaim his knowledge typically in self defense mechanism in order the people can defend themselves in danger situation. His skilled remains from the earth. His photos is the resemblance from his decade endeavors to pursued and claiming what his ability power created of the said arts included massage therapy known as "HILOT" in the Philippines.

"Healing Art" known as "Hilot" in Ilongo language. Meaning, a nature art of "Pressure Point". In terms of "Massage" touching and triking both are healing art majority in the whole system of the human body. Created by (GM Angel L. Blancia) Concerning Massage Therapy "HILOT", absolutely: Grand Master Angel Blancia cured much of peoples during the past decade. There are some clients until now are still alive most probably are old already but still remain and impossible to forgot their Maestro Angel L. Blancia. Mrs Helen Brown (Filipina American) got a problem about her posture. She is suffering "Kuba" as buktot. For sure; is one of the patient of "Grand Master Angel Blancia ". Believe it or not , she was cured thru massage technique.

His martial arts skill is fantastic, especially his 3 fingers. He got a power and forceful fingers that can be damage the person. Ive had seen with him in person, how powerful he is in actual.

His intellectualism in self defense mechanism included his experienced in world war 2nd between Philippines / USA /Japan particularly in the Pacific East are the most notorious fights that he had experienced in his life`s history.

Actually, much of old student than him he got. He training so much of Filipinos , Chinese, Filipino Chinese, Filipino Americans. (civilian, police, security, bodyguard, military....)

Not only Filipino learned Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi but different races as what ive known. Again, much of Filipino Chinese nor chinese learned Kung-Fu from Grand Master Angel L. Blancia and after that, all they got chances back and their whom town in China coz their anscestor and family resided in China or somewhere else in Hong Kong.

Im not surprised if they (students & friends Filipino, Chinese, Chinese Filipino, Filipino American....) cant to speak as what they want but those are involved with this grouped association easily can govern, control people in the Philippines, those who are not, their association remain silent or else will be die (family, friends). The persons knowing the Blancia impossible to testify coz they are afraid to die. So they make it choose to keep it silent and those who followed with them they got a good life as well a good job in their perspective business including thier Academy School.

The Kung-Fu Filipino Martial Art's Yoga Self Defense Techniques Tactics Method
it's not for fighting nor for killing.

True Martial Artist Must Be Original And Creative Move And Naturally Not To Think For Fighting As
A Criminal Instinct. Must be standing the truth behind the legacy of the creator of the said martial art.

Kung-Fu is the root of all martial arts.

Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts Kung-Fu Filipino Martial Art's Yoga Self-Defence Techniques Tactics Method.. A native art from the East created by "GM Angel L. Blancia " in the Philippines. Techniques of Dis-Arming, Defense Counter and Attack, Empty Handed, Grappling Arts, Arm locked, Throwing Techniques, Techniques of Footwork, Techniques of Kicking ( Taekwondo) , Techniques of Handworks ( Animal Form )Kung Fu Dance ( Tai -Chi ), Kung -Fu ( Chackun, Deadly maneuver, Master`s Move ), Kung Fu Kids and so forth. Purposely, to recognized them that they are in one "GM Blancia" the root of the said arts.

Chivalric Art known as " Cali " a killing art.
In terms of military is the art of "Combative" techniques. Club Stick Doce Pares Cali Arnis Eskrima, Knife Defense Techniques, Sword Fighting, Blade Arts, Combat Fighting Blades, Deadly Maneuver, Treachery Fighting Teakwondo, Judo, Karate, Mat Fighting (gun, etc..), Ground level Techniques and so forth. Mastery Techniques with Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts and Why this techniques is so various coz its not basic techniques what you learned with Filipino Martial Arts with single is double stick.

Well, "Doce Pares" is one of the code of Grand Master Angel L. Blancia. A spanish word which reminded him from his late ancestor. Kung Fu Filipino Martial Art's In terms of " Club Stick". which means, all kind of stick art. Single stick, Double stick, Short Stick, Medium Stick, Long stick nor Pole Stick and so forth. One of his secret art was not known is "Tres" to counter act against opponents two stick. During the timed when my father teaching "Doce Pares" much of his student are interested so much.

He explored the art of "Doce Pares" according to his code. Purposely, to recognized them that they are in one "Grand Master Angel L. Blancia" the root of the said arts.
Rationalizing that, it is only natural to be a lie almost and common of them. Stolen, the skill and claim to be the true "Grand Mster" and creator of the said arts. But actually not; when they are not originated of the said arts.

Club Stick is the art of Arnis Eskrima Doce Pares Filipino Martial Art's Kali Sword Blade ect. all this kind of martial art are came in one roots of the said art's known as Kung - Fu Filipino Martial Art's is the keysource of every individual forms of martial art.

You're learned Kung Fu, the sametimes you're learned Flipino Martial Art's Techniques Tactic Method.
You're learned Filipino Martial Art's, the sametimes you're learned Kung Fu Techniques Tactic Method.


What if you discovered Club Stick is the art of Filipino Martial Art's, Arnis, Eskrima, Doce Pares, Kali, Combat Fighting, Sword, Blade, ect. from the Phillippines with the following art's but actually they're just in one roots of the said art's known as Kung-Fu Filipino Martial Art's Yoga Self-Defence Techniques Tactics Method is the key source of every individual forms of martial art.

Since 1958, during the Grand Master Angel L. Blancia still alive with his sons and daughters about Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts, Yoga, Self-defence Techniques Shobukai, Hilot Kung Fu Massage & Yoga Therapy Massage will insure the preservation of (Club Stick Doce Pares Chivalric Arts Arnis Eskrima) as part of the nation’s heritage and want to declared national martial art and sport but everytime the government in the Philippines dont accept.

It is informative, comprehensible and well provided us the remarkably artifact's. Of course; it will take courage for ourselves to make such a self - examination, how true it is: By appealing the right form. His experienced in life's provided us the important facts with the best qualities as the values of truth. Appealing, with desirable, inspirable, & reality. Thus, his writing can attest us and serve us millions times, purposely that Kung - FU was from the Philippines. it was recorded by his systematic martial art style , noted and orderly organized of the said school he was before. More than decades from now. The Creator Of Kung - Fu Filipino Martial Art's. On the contrary the root's of all Martial Art. It does not exist an ancient timed but in a recent timed of 18th century.

On September 21, 1972, Ferdinand Marcos, twice elected President of the Philippines, imposed martial law and assumed dictatorial power to control news, life. It is useful, therefore, to assess how Grand Master Blancia have affected his Blancia Academy Martial Arts.

The Filipino Martial Art's Worldwide: Everyone Cannot Escape Their Past About ...The Story, The Truth Of Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia.

Thus, Filipino Martial Arts Students denied intentionally by betraying, antagonizing secretly, eventually by forgetting their " Grand Master Angel L. Blancia ".Master Gladys Blancia Master Diomedes Blancia, Master John Philippides Blancia, Instructor Victoria Blancia, Grand Master Gloria Blancia.....

So those students under their training timed are run away in abroad to explored the Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts techniques Self-defence Yoga, Hilot Massage and open their academy to training, civilian, practitionner, actor, actress, military, bodyguard, security, police etc... and glorify their named from foreign countries.

Typical defector traitor Filipino mentality..

The real Philippines and you traitor
Filipinos Martial Art's & Chinese Filipino Martial Art's
are not a part of the Philippines.
So don't try to act proud of the Philippines.
When you are in another country building your personal interest!!

Filipino Martial Art's & Chinese Filipino Martial Art's
defect to other countries for benefits.

At First, Gloria said :
My father (GM. Angel L. Blancia ), my brothers and sisters are very good human beings. We loved with them & we had seen how best they`re in person. Not as a star nor famous man rather a fam ous martial artist but as a ``True Typical Filipino``.
We're so proud.
He gamble his life to protect our country during the world war the 2nd. He shared his knowledge of martial arts as symbolizing of his loved and loyalty & his country men in the `` Philippines `` On behalf of him as well as his two sons and daughters they got a chance to serve their fellow Filipinos with whole heartedly by sharing their timed, knowledge and skill from all timed.

He's first started Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts Blades Arts and StickFighting coz many thousands students hidden the truth until today. He's stayed Panay Island located Iloilo city at his 3rd city. However, there are still active groups, led by the second generation students ; students of Bo Sayoc Baltazar, Sid Ascunsion, Al Dacascos, William Chow, Dan Inosanto, Bruce Lee.... are one of GM Blancia's first students late 50's early 60's and the first generation are their grandfather and theirs father... It is indeed, 1st , second, 3rd until 4th generation exploring the integral arts of cuture that it was came from Blancia System.

Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Filipino Martial Arts, Government in the Philippines insulting, humiliating, criticism their only one Grand Master Angel L. Blancia (murder) and his sons Master Jann Philippides Blancia (murder), Master Diomedes Blancia (murder) and his daughters Master Gladys Blancia, Instructor Victoria Blancia (murder), Coordonnator Mercedes Blancia, Grand Master Gloria Blancia Thirnish and his wife Monserrat Gabo Blancia and his son in law Rolland Thirnish and Blancia Family all. They're one among the greatest martial artist ive ever knowned is that the only one whon i knew that he can fight in a different manners of situation.

The lie that was the Philippines history about Filipino Martial Arts.
Philippines history "Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Filipino Martial Arts, Yoga history" books, documentary, interviews are false.
Philippines history "Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts" books, documentary, interviews
are just products of propaganda (conspiracy and corruption) towards the practitionner of martial arts and the worldwide, deception, and lies.

But now, Corruption widespread under Arroyo administration the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo officially signed on December 11, 2009 Republic Act No. 9850 which declared arnis as the country's national martial art and sport but the Government in the Philippines, Houses of Congress, Philippine Olympic Committee (POC...), the Philippine Sports Commission,
the national-based Sports Program promulgated by the Department of Education, all in coordination with ARPI, etc... dont recognized again the name of Creator Late Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia, it's so amazing!!!!!!

Until today, sad to say in reality most of the students Filipino Martial arts, Chinese Martial Arts of "GM Angel Blancia" lies about something as important as their own personal interest.

The biggest liar and traitor at all times
Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts around the globe
towards the Blancia System " KUNG FU FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS, Yoga, Self-defence Techniques, Hilot Kung Fu Massage & Yoga Therapy Massage"

First; to hide the story Late Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia with his sons and daughters.
Second; 1958 to Manila, the Government Philippines
discover the skill of Grand Master Angel L. Blancia
because he taught in military, MP Military Police, bodyguard.....
The Filipino Martial Arts &
Chinese Martial Arts, Government of Philippines
hidding this wonderful tragic story Filipino
because money (just to become rich), with popularity, business...
and they are afraid that the worldwide discovers the true history
of their only one Grand Master Angel L. Blancia.

The students practitionner Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts are surprised:" Why nobody has taken legal action to stop me from continuing this claim" I told them: " because i know them very well and i got artifact and real photos".

I'm sure that Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts all said that those people are not them in ours pictures... A lot of these gentlemen are also very annoyed by ours claims because i know them. There are a not of mistakes in identifying some of the individuals in our photos because Grand Master Angel Blancia got a real true authenticated photos and no one can denied it.

Everybodys denial their Grand Master Angel Blancia. But the most important thing we got a proof about this matter. Well, if they still continues dishonesty the more they are getting complicated.

But anyway, never secret will be hide, there is a way that the secret will be revealed and any manners of reason as what now, how secret reveal as what said of other peoples. However, much of gangs before but because of his professionalism the town become peacefully. Much of bestfriend of Grand Master Angel Blancia died in tragic situation.

BLANCIA Family understand now whats going on.

Gloria Blancia said: I met "Dan Inosanto" at his age 65 with "Rick Tucci" when i was in the Philippines. It was July 2001, they got a sort demonstration Kali and "Dan Inosanto" perform "Tai-Chi" i was there at that time. I had a chance to speak with him and my first greating is "Do you know Mr. Angel L. Blancia" ? he was surprised my greetings, not felt comfortable & impossible to replied. He become speechless with in 1minute but my patience is quite cool still waiting his answered. Before he speak he look around if anyone is there beside him ,then, he replied me, is still alive? i said no. At that timed much of different nationality over there. When he was performed of the said art, im not surprised although they make it revised but it was and common in my part that all the time ive seen that in actual before and after to my big sisters, brothers and above all to my father. Im not yet born when his father got training in privately but "Dan Inosanto" got training with the group of Chinese same as Filipino Chinese.

Gloria said: My family never forget "Dan Inosanto coz , he is the only one student staying long timed in the gymn although, the student had gone already but still, he remain inside the gymn sometimes there is no lights anymore and sometimes he clean the blackboard and some areas of the academy. So far i got a real pic of him together with his " Grand Master Angel L. Blancia".

Cacoy Canete, Dionesio Canete, Dan Inosanto and many more are former students of my late Grand Master Angel L. Blancia. So far ive got so much information about with them. Everytime, Dan Inosanto, Canete's visited secretly ours following students while they're in abroad. And kept reminding with them not to tell about the Blancia System. Therefore, do you have idea why they're not allowed to speak about the Blancia System?

It's hard to believed that the goodness of Late Legendary Grand Master Angel
L. Blancia with his entire families was abusing by his former students
. I'll share this to those former students are traitor to the Blancia
System....To those traitor you deserve it but not the faithful student's.

It was tested and proven no one can ever covered the truth behind the reality the factual information about the artifact of Late Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia. Movies just only movies anyone could make a movie purposely to become a famous but ussually they're so far from the truth and reality. What's inside their mind', as long they got a lots of money everything is fame. Well thru learning and training is a different issue. I can say, this is all about the roots and origin of Kung - Fu Filipino Martial Arts Worlwide behind the walls of Filipino Martial Arts. This is not about the movies, fame, learning otherwise training in martial art's. But this is all about the fact, the truth behind the uncovered story of Late Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia.

Conspiracy, Corruption are powerful in the Philippines;
It is necessary to know the true history which was hidden
by the Government of the Philippines since 1958,
and Security Exchange Commission since 1972,
and Filipino Consulate General in the Worldwide
and Thousands thousands...of students of Filipino Martial Arts,
Chinese "Filipino" Martial Arts in the worldwide
and disclaimers the truth of reality until today.

The most awaited part is about " Doce Pares" . Is one of the most controversial "Historian" as now a days. A complicated stories for the Filipino`s in terms of Lapu Lapu History. As a typical Filipinos we learned history from the school.

Gloria Blancia Thirnish says:
The Former and Friends students Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts will make to show the Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts in schools, Gym, T.V., showtime and everywhere in the Philippines by using the actress, actors, friends, their young generation and inside their organisation of Government Philippines, there are many many students of (Grand Master Angel L. Blancia) has very good positions to protect them (Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts) because Grand Master Angel L. Blancia family known them very well.

Now, Its time to reveal, behind the closed door since longtime ago, the true history about Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts that today;
This is the honor and dignity
of my late father Angel L. Blancia.
My late brother John Philippides Blancia,
My late brother Diomedes Blancia
My late Sister Victoria Blancia.
and for my country in the Philippines.

What ive learned from my late Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia is
about life for living. Not for destiny in fighting but destiny for self
defense mechanism. A true martial artist in life for living is simple
but terrible ready to fight until the end of his or her life in reality.
... But not for fame self-interest is not an awesome one coz the natural beauty will be discourse.

I let them know until they will knew what was before about the truth and now and then the returned of the Blancia System behind the walls of the Filipino, Filipino Chinese and all half blooded Filipino around the world about the creator of Kung-Fu Filipino Martial Art's and no one else Late Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia.
THE TRUTH * To tell the truth is not an easy one. Of course, im not
expecting that anyone will be impressed with me but i have the right
move to tell the truth.

Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Filipino Martial Arts,
with the Government in the Philippines
are always at the gate, truth revealed and it hurts
with great embarassment in their integrity. Order To... Penetrate The Underground Agenda Behind The Closed Door & The Consequences
Blancia family........

Message from honest, loyalty Students and friends of Late Legendary
Grand Master Angel L. Blancia.

""There are lots of us who are still alive here in Panay Island, Negros Occidental in the Philippines that have been associated with the great Grand Master Angel Lumogdang Blancia of Culasi Antique when he was still alive and we highly esteem him. We are very concerned about this real story, Yes, we are serious.
With the thoroughness on the details of we researches, in due time, we believe they has still a lot of expose's/bombs on hand to nail down the propagated Filipino Martial Arts Kali, Chinese Martial Arts (Chinese Filipino) Myth that deluded lots of innocent and sincere Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts lovers and enthusiasts especially outside the Philippines."""

lI would like to say thank you mother for representing us on behalf of your late husband Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia. A war Veteran's International . A compassion man. a father, a creator of Kung -Fu Filipino Martial Art's in the Philippines.

Wife Grand Master Angel L. Blancia says :« I am blessed to be still alive and and I am very thankful towards God for my three daughters still alive. It is really strange that the truth should be hidden so for a long time from our family and from all other countries of the worldwide. As I say it, I am very happy to know the truth about our tragic life and to understand what arrived to my children Jan Philippides, Diomedes, Victoria and my husband Angel L. Blancia. Today, I can understand disasters arrived at our family and the sacrifices which we made for year 1963 untill today even do if our wayside cross still goes on here in Philippines. Now, I can quietly wait for the outcome of justice, acquire peace and join my children and my husband who must be happy. So that I can discover what they could not understand. And I am going to list you most possible names of the Filipino, Filipino American, Filipino Chinese, students of Hawaii, Chinese who came to learn the Kung fu, Tai-chi, Yoga Culture, Filipino Martial Arts, self-defence from my husband Angel L. Blancia my two sons and my three daughters. I am going to try to remember because there are thousands students. »

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